Strategies for the need self-love

Von Eva Ebenhöh | August 7, 2017

When I was asked to come up with a list of 100 strategies to boost self-love, I said no. I was willing to aim for five. This is my list.

  1. Be loving to yourself
    1. Write down what you like about yourself.
    2. Write a letter to yourself taking the perspective of a being a really good friend to yourself.
    3. Take time and care to make yourself some comfortable minutes. Blanket, pillow, tea, whatever - savour the care.
  2. Meditation
    1. Metta or love meditation
    2. Connecting to light/energy
    3. ... whatever meditation speaks to you
  3. Connecting to the beauty of the needs - a lot
    1. Making peace with unmet needs (exercise by Inbal and Miki Kashtan) [Link to the exercise german only]
    2. Any beauty of the needs exercise by Robert Gonzales
    3. The basic idea is to take time in your self-empathy processes to connect to how wonderful that need is when you imagine it fulfilled and how cool it is that something in you is wanting to take care of this need. All the needs that come up, not only self-love.
  4. Smile at yourself in the mirror.
  5. Mourning
    1. Mourn how life has led a part of you to make the decision to block you from your self-appreciation or self-love. Or dampen your connection to it.
    2. Mourn how hard and lonely it can be to live with a deeply shaken connection to self-appreciation.